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Quality Healthcare
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Our Mission

Our mission at Lakeside Health Clinic is to offer health care and comfort to those who need it. This is why we seek to create a comprehensive family medicine and primary care practice that incorporates our expertise with excellent service.We put a lot of emphasis on a healthy provider-patient relationship where patients can make informed decisions about their health. We aim to create a strong relationship with our patients that can sometimes be difficult to form in the more impersonal environment of a larger hospital. 

Lisa Hubbard, PA-C

Lisa is currently our full time provider here at Lakeside Health Clinic. Lisa graduated with her LPN in ’83, continued her education and graduated with her RN in ’85, her BSN in ’96, and with her Master’s in 2004. Lisa strives to make every patients’ visit as comfortable, quick, and caring as possible. Lisa sits down with every patient and really listens to what they have to say and does her absolute best to make them feel better and healthier. 

  • Family Medicine


  • General Practice


  • Medical Exams


  • Physical Exams

  • Wellness Exams

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